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William looked at the man in front of him and felt flushes of hatred rushing through his body. He saw a suit with authority sneering at him quietly, treating him like a pawn. The man was older than him by a few years, maybe a decade. William had a problem with authority. The man across the table knew that, no doubt. He had the expression of someone who thought he knew everything. The file was probably full of what people considered to be facts about him. But if anybody knew the truth about Will, they would have bled him out, not sent him to prison where his hunger ran almost entirely out of control.

But the smirking expression, the fancy clothes, and the irritatingly incorrect file were not all that was sat before him. The man, Maddox, was also handsome, muscular, and rich. He was everything people were supposed to aspire to be. He had smooth dark blonde hair swept back from his forehead, and noble, nordic features. His eyes were dark and knowing, full of calculations. His hands were large and well manicured. William had a mental flash of those hands gripping his ass. He pushed the thought away. The last thing he ever allowed himself to indulge in were thoughts of men. Especially not in this place.

“I can’t tell you where you’ll be going, or what you’ll be doing. I can tell you that you will be handled by, and answer to me.”

“That’s it? That’s all the spiel you’re going to give me?” William snorted. “That tells me absolutely nothing.”

“It tells you enough if you think about it.”

The man sitting across from him was clearly a master manipulator. William was suspicious and mistrustful, but he was also curious - and an opportunist. With a choice between rotting behind bars for the rest of his life, and having a chance at something that might be closer to freedom, the choice seemed clear. Then again, this could easily be a frying pan / fire sort of situation.

He already knew what his answer was going to be. But he wasn’t done asking questions.

“You think you can walk in here like you own the place, and your sheer force of personality is going to make me agree to whatever it is you want me to do? You think you’re that fucking charming?” Will swore, and noticed Mad flinch as he did. There was everything Will needed to know. His interrogator was a prude, stuck up, too good for what he’d probably refer to as the F word.

“I think the possibility of leaving prison is all the reason you need.”

“Will I be leaving prison?”

“You will. Sign the paper, and tonight you will be as free a man as you have ever been. Hot, private shower. Freshly cooked food. A bed made with Egyptian cotton, and a room without bars on the windows or locks at the door.”

It sounded good.

Too good.

But the man was right. Will had no choice, not really. Escaping prison on his own was unlikely. Maximum security was almost impossible to breach without allies and significant funds and increasingly, William had neither.

Maddox flipped the file open to the front page, produced a fountain pen and slid it into William’s cuffed hand. It was a high quality piece of equipment, machine milled steel barrel. A piece of equipment that could be entirely dangerous here.

“Sign here," he said. “And your new life starts.”

“Easy as that, huh?”

Maddox smiled at him, but there was no warmth in it. It was the expression of someone who knew how to mimic human expressions but didn't really understand them. There were several men like that in this prison. Some of them wore prison uniforms. Others occupied offices.

There was no choice, really. William didn’t bother reading the text on the paper. He did as he was told and signed his name.


“Good. Now we can begin.” Maddox motioned to the guard. The guard entered the room and unlocked Will’s handcuffs, just as Maddox had instructed him to previously. It was a pleasure working with such compliant people. It was also a pleasure to break those who were less compliant.

Will stood up, rubbing his wrists. There were marks on them not just from the most recent pair of cuffs, but from all the cuffs that had come before. Incarceration left grooves in a man, and not just on his flesh.

A second later, all hell broke loose. William had clearly been waiting for an opportunity like this one. He whirled and turned on the guard who had taken such pleasure in shoving him around when he was still cuffed. He wasted absolutely no time in driving his fist into the guard’s nose. It burst in a hot red flash of blood and screaming. Not satisfied with having decked his captor, Will knocked the guard to the ground and was in the process of beating him to death until the cold barrel of a pistol at the back of his head stopped him. Will froze, still crouched over his victim.

He took one deep breath, then turned his head to look back at Maddox with a questioning pale gaze.

“You did all this just to shoot me like a dog?”

“I did this because you’re an impudent pup,” Maddox replied, inwardly smiling. The boy had no idea how pleasing he truly was, even inside those ridiculous prison clothes which did nothing to present his body well. What Maddox would have given to see the younger man’s back and biceps flexing with every vicious movement. “Get up.”

Will smirked, and in that moment, even with a gun still trained on him, he was adorable. The same things that were written in his file were now written in his eyes. All that delicious dark tendency for violence was pouring forth. Maddox drank it in, tasting the energy, reveling in it. It nourished him so deeply.

Mad looked from Will’s wild, flushed face, down to his victim. The guard was insensate on the floor, but still breathing. He might survive if he were treated soon, but for the moment Mad had greater concerns.

“You need to learn some impulse control,” he observed cooly.

“Deal's off, I guess,” Will shrugged as he rose very carefully to his feet, keeping his hands up above his head. He showed no remorse for what he had just done, and no regret at having potentially traded his freedom for a brief moment of brutality. There was new color in his cheeks, an excitement which Maddox felt all the way to his loins. The smell of blood perfumed the air, heightening the experience. If only they had more time to draw this out, to truly enjoy every facet of brutal humiliation. But this was not the time, the place, or the person.

“Deal's not off, boy,” Maddox smiled, returning the gun to its holster. “Deal is only just beginning.”

Will’s expression shifted from reckless rebellion to apprehension. Good. Apprehension was the correct emotional response to having made a deal with the devil.

“Look at me.” Maddox made the command firmly, but without emotion.

Will brought his eyes up sharply. He had to look up slightly at Maddox, who enjoyed several additional inches of height when standing.

“You will obey me, William. You will do as you are told, when you are told. From the smallest inconvenience, to the most complicated of orders, I expect complete obedience. Do you understand?”

Will nodded briefly.

“I need to hear you say it. Yes. Sir.” Maddox held Will’s gaze, feeling himself swell at the rebellion in the younger man’s eyes. This boy was so sensitive and reactive to authority, he raged against even the slightest hint of submission. Mad had no doubt that Will wanted to do the same thing to him that he’d just done to the gurgling guard just for asking him to call him sir.

Maddox waited, letting the moment draw out. It was a delicious tension, and he did not intend to let a second of it go to waste. Soon enough the boy would be broken, and these moments of rebellion would be few and far between. Best to enjoy them while he could.

“Yes, sir,” Will finally gritted out, a light blush appearing on his rough stubble cheeks. He was absolutely adorable.

A man in his position with a typical psychology might have been grateful for a chance at release. He might have been on his best behavior. He might had said thank you. Not Will. Will fancied himself an alpha lone wolf.

In Maddox’s eyes, he was nothing more than a pup about to be introduced to the chain.


Excerpt 2:

Pinned down beneath his master, Will grunted and growled, felt his pride being torn away from him with every motion of Maddox’s hips.

He’d never bottomed before. This was shameful. Maddox wanted it to be shameful too, he could tell. Will was starting to understand Mad in ways he wished he didn’t. The hints of darkness he’d sensed from the beginning were unfolding all at once and far too completely for his liking. To make matters worse, his erection still throbbed painfully against the concrete floor, demanding attention.

Mad was nuzzling at his neck, his teeth grazing against Will’s sensitive skin. It felt good. Too good. Will did not want to submit to the pleasure anymore than he had submitted to the pain, but he had little in the way of choice for either. Maddox owned him in every way possible.


He cried out as teeth speared into his neck, deeper than they should have been able to go. Will let out a bark of fear and outrage, the hot rod still buried inside him keeping him in place. There was nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. He was impaled and now he was being bled by the monstrous creature now sucking on his neck.

The final revelation was upon him. It came too late and all at once. He did not believe it and yet he could not deny what was happening, what word could only be used for a beast that did these things. He felt himself giving up his sanguine essence. He felt it being taken from him. He felt Maddox's rough cock pulsing deep inside him, pounding with insistent strokes as if to drive the essence Mads desired from his weakening body.

Will panicked. He tried to fight. But Mads wrapped one impossibly strong arm around under his neck and kept feeding and fucking with equal languid pleasure. Will’s cries turned to animal whines and whimpers, the arching and thrashing of his body only serving to impale his ass on the monster draining his life force.

There was an awful, horrible moment when the darkness overwhelmed him and he could do nothing but submit to the awful, wonderful, beautiful, painful, terrible surging inside the deepest parts of him.

It was over.

All over.

It was not over.

Will woke lying naked on the floor. His ass and neck ached in equal amounts. The collar remained in place, the chain casually cast across the floor. There was a weight on his rear, a firm pressure which was not quite comfortable. He looked over his shoulder and saw Maddox bare chested, sitting on the leather recliner behind him, using his rump as a foot rest.

“Good morning, pup,” Maddox smiled. He looked normal. Just a man. Nothing more than a man. Will must have been on something, a drug, something to make him think…

Maddox’s smile broadened. His canines flashed white, long, and sharp.

“FUCK!” Will screamed and scrambled away. He got about three feet before hitting the end of the chain and being snapped back down to the ground.

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