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He starts riffling through a pack on the side of Tyche. I wonder if he’s going for extra rations, or maybe some extra light. It is starting to get dark. 

He’s not getting rations. He’s getting a thick strip of woven fabric from one of the many packs and satchels tied to her massive saddle. 

I should know what’s going to happen, but I seem to exist in a state of constant surprise, especially when he takes hold of me once more and gags me firmly, winding the rope around my head until I can’t talk. He did warn me he’d do this, I guess, but I’m still not thrilled with it. 

“I should just tie you to Tyche,” he says. “That would keep you where you should be, as well as keeping you safe. You’ll always be safe with her, if you aren’t with me.”

Technically true, but I don’t want to be tied to Tyche. When she relieves herself it smells like a thousand trees farted at once. I refrain from arguing through the gag, and content myself with making a rude gesture behind his back instead. While I still can. Because I don’t think he’s actually kidding about tying me to Tyche. 

Rex loves me, but I am also basically a thing to him. I am a possession he owns. I am something he is trying to keep and protect, and my free will is basically incidental. Some people might think that makes him an asshole, but I think it’s just how he's made. Anybody who expects an alien king to share human values would have to be very stupid, to the point they couldn’t be trusted with uncovered PowerPoints. I pride myself on being really good with things like PowerPoints. 

God, I miss PowerPoints. I never appreciated how cool it was to just be able to stick a floppy cable into a wall and have things work. It really spoiled me in a lot of ways. Also, water out of faucets, very cool. Maybe when we find the shiny thing it will have a faucet on it. I have a feeling it is significant in a special way. 

* * *

He has to eventually un-gag me. Because of eating and stuff. It’s a technicality which he obviously didn’t think about when he thought he’d won last night as I fell asleep wrapped in his arms and also still gagged — which is probably a safety issue, but I guess he’s got different priorities. 

“What’s the shiny thing?”

“How would I know?”

“I feel like you do. I feel like you agreed to go there way too easily, especially for a dude who is terrified of a diplodocus and wants me tied up all the time. You don’t take risks. But this is a risk you’re taking. Why?”

“Eat your breakfast, and stop asking questions.”


“Eat your breakfast, or I swear you will be gagged again, and…”

“Stop threatening me and just answer the question, Rex.”

I can be all sharp and strident and stern when I want to be, too. I can speak to an alien king as if he is a naughty dog. I can be a strong, independent woman depending on an alien man for her survival. 

That doesn’t mean it actually works. 

Rex takes a root out of his pack without another word and starts working at it with a knife. I fall silent, because I have that uncomfortable feeling you get when you’ve gone too far. 

Have I gone too far?


He glances up at me briefly, then looks back down at the root he is carving with inordinate care. There’s silence between us. Silence all around us. I do not like this silence. There is some kind of intention to it. More hidden things. More silences. Silences inside of silences. Pimp my silences. 

I’m getting nervous. I decide to edge away a little. 

“Sit down,” he says, two heavy words which nail me in place. 


He looks up at me again, his pitch black gaze intimating I really should not move, and he returns to his whittling. He whittles what feels like a very long time. Long enough for me to squirm where I sit and wonder what he has planned. Dessert? Some kind of seasoning? Maybe.

But also, probably not. 

He puts down the knife, gets up, and grabs me. 

No warning. No orders. Nothing besides the harsh and immediate grasp of his overlarge hand pulling me over to the place he was sitting.

He returns to sitting, but this time, with me over his thighs. 

Oh fuck. 

The skirt I’m wearing offers absolutely no protection from him. And I basically haven’t worn underwear since I arrived here. 

“King Rex? Sire?”

“You need a lesson in respect,” he growls, smoothing his rough alien palm over my ass. “You speak as though we are equals. We are not equal. You are mine, human. You are mine in every way. I have many ways to show you that.”

I brace myself for a spanking, but he does not slap my ass. Instead, he wraps one muscly arm around my waist and snugs me against his body, using the hand of that same arm to part my cheeks. I feel a sudden cool breeze against very intimate areas of my body. I tighten the filthy part of me. He can’t be interested in…

Gel from the aloe plant, or this world’s equivalent thereof, is smeared across that very spot. I let out a moan of confusion and yet also understanding. He is a twisted, dark, demanding king. I forget that sometimes because of how much time he spends looking after me, teaching me, and giving me more pleasure than I can take. 

He works the shaved nub end of the root into the tight hole nobody is ever supposed to go near. No matter how much I wriggle, or actually the more I wriggle, the easier it slides in. It’s a narrow little rounded nub designed to slip into the tight ring of muscle and make way for the thicker intrusion to follow. 

“Rex, come on, I just wanted the answer to a question. It… eep... owww…”

It doesn’t actually hurt. It stings. It tingles. It shames and inflames me equally. Rex has been keeping this root for just this purpose, I feel. Somehow he knew what it would do to me, and he has chosen to deploy it just as I began to think I was starting to work out how to best him. 

But he has bested me. He has bested me and now he is filling my ass. 

“Get up,” he orders. “Make sure it stays inside you.”

I let out a whine, but he is not going to take mercy on me this easily. He must know what the infernal root does, how it keeps making me hotter on the inside by the moment. The delicate tissues of the most secret parts of my body are being tormented all the more every second the root remains in place. 

He helps me stand, but it is my hand that must reach back between my cheeks and ensure that my clenching ass does not lose the root plug he has placed there. 


He likes it when I call him sire. But we are long past the point where a little subdued nod to his ego is going to work. He looks at me with his dark gaze, his face a stern mask. I really have gone too far. There’s no doubt now. I’ve been working my way toward this for a long time, a thousand little chances taken, boundaries ever so slightly overstepped. He warned me, and he showed me the potential for harsh discipline, but he let me have my head. 

I have used the freedom he has given me to fuck myself right over. 

“On your knees.”

I sink to my knees, which is not easy while trying to make sure the root plug doesn’t go anywhere. He watches me with that merciless gaze, not offering to help. He lets me struggle down into place, his only contribution to reach out and tug the vest which covers my breasts open, letting them swing free into the primal breeze. 

Before I can object, he puts both big hands on the back of my head, pushes his erect cock between my lips and fills my mouth. I must hold the root in my ass as he slides his cock over my tongue.

“You are mine,” he reminds me, thrusting the head of his thick, alien cock all the way to the back of my mouth and holding it there, right at the verge of penetrating my throat. He pulls back after several seconds, allowing air to once more rush into my body. 

I feel my body flooding with excited fear. Not real fear, but the kind which makes every part of me pulse with adrenaline. He is showing me his darker, more commanding side. With every day we are together, I learn a little more about him, I see more of what he is. And I sense his secrets all the more too. 

He pushes his cock back inside my mouth, not so deep this time. He lets me feel him throbbing there, and he allows me to taste the vanguard of his seed smeared lightly across my all too eager tongue with every move we make. 

“I’m going to fuck you with that root still in your ass,” he tells me. “You are going to stretch for me and sting for me. You are going to feel my authority burning through you, and you will remember this next time you consider being mouthy.”

I cannot do anything more than make vague mumbling full sounds around his cock. That’s fine by him. He doesn’t want to hear from me. He wants to feel me. He wants to use me. He pushes all the way to the back of my throat again, another carnal warning. 

I can taste his seed rising, the hot drips of it coating my tongue with ever more richness. He is almost close to coming, I can tell. His jaw always sets hard and his eyes narrow when he is going to spend his seed all over me. He breathes more harshly, and his entire demeanor grows hard and demanding. 

But Rex has no intention of being satisfied with my mouth. He pulls out of it, uses his grasp to pull my head down to the ground before him. I am kneeling before him, sexually prostrate. My ass is high in the air, still occupied by the root which is providing a steady heat to the interior of my darkest personal cavern. 

“Stay,” he commands. 

I do as I am told. He walks around me slowly, his cock fisted in his big blue alien hand. I lose sight of him, but I gain feeling as he spreads his hand across my upturned ass and lands a hard slap across it. 

He keeps me in that position for longer than makes sense unless he is keeping me on display for his gaze, showing my ass stretched around the root, and my puffy, tormented sex begging to be filled.

Finally, without warning, his cock surges inside my soaked pussy, thrusting deeper and deeper, making me feel tighter than I ever have. With my ass stretched around the root, I am more full than I have ever been. Rex has transformed me into a wet, writhing mess, squirming in the rich dirt of this alien planet, my breasts rubbing against the ground with every punishing thrust the king decides I deserve. 

He’s so fucking hot. I love the way he will do anything to dominate me, ruthlessly subduing me with each and every thrust. Rex understands me, and when I fail to understand him, he shows me exactly who and what he is. A dominator. A ruler. One who will always be obeyed at any cost and any price.

I come hard, screaming my pleasure to all the world. The saurian species are the only ones here to hear us, and they will hear it all. My curses, my grunts, my moans, my animal desire and my total sexual subjugation.

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